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We educate people, including high net worth individuals, corporations and other large organizations about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency developments, strategies and knowledge.

Research & Development

Bitcoin Technology

Focus on deployments using bitcoin technology and infrastructure.

Money Exchange

Research software deployments and integration into the existing global payments industry.

Capital Markets

Investigate integrations into global capital markets such as stock exchanges, commodities exchanges and other financial institutions such as banks and funds.

Global Expansion

Research and analyze global penetration statistics among users, corporations and financial institutions.

About Us


The Locksbit mission was started in 2012 with our teams initial forays into the bitcoin space. Purchasing, and helping others purchase bitcoin was and remains one of our largest initiatives and with our pioneering presence and services in the industry, allowed thousands of people to receive and/or learn about bitcoin.

We continue to be involved in various parts of the wider cryptocurrency industry with a global footprint and mission.

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